Random Thoughts: Rico and Hoth

My daughter had an idea for something, and I was able to wire it up and code it within a few minutes on the Arduino. Made me feel like Q.

I prefer Ted Cruz to Beto because Ted Cruz is an obvious weasel which I prefer to someone like Beto who is good at tricking people into thinking he’s not a weasel.

So some people were making fun of the left with this meme comparing them to NPCs in video games.
Rational Response: “This is dumb. I will ignore it.”
Response of Idiots in Need of Constant Ridicule: “OH NO! NAZIS! WE HAVE TO STOP THIS NOW!!!”

Hating capitalism is as dumb as hating science.

I am looking at the nearly complete first issue of the Superego graphic novel. This is exciting.
BTW, the sequel to Superego is currently being read by the alpha reader (my wife, SarahK), and then it will go to beta readers. It’s been a while, but things are happening with Superego now.
I did put up the first chapter of the sequel to Superego (title pending). Spoilers Rico didn’t die.

After Obama and Trump, I think the proper antidote would be a grumpy realist.
“The government is a big garbage fire lorded over by idiots and I’m probably not going to do anything useful with it. I’ll do my best to not make things worse, but no promises.”

So if I am now understanding the Elizabeth Warren DNA test, she either had one Native American ancestor six generations back or multiple Native American ancestors up to ten generations ago. That’s why the 1/1024th isn’t accurate (though fun!).

Near the end of Justified season 2. I’m really enjoying it. I now want to be a federal marshal when I grow up.

If Twitter is banning people who are giving out misleading information about the election, are they going to ban anyone who says your vote matters?

#WhyIWrite Ideas are like demons. When I write them down, I exorcise them and they bother me no more.

You know, I’ve never been a fan of the leaders of Saudi Arabia.

Why can’t we have jobs and mobs? Why does everything have to be either or?

I just realized my kids don’t know much about dinosaurs. Dinosaurs were just much more interesting when I was young because they weren’t all covered in feathers like Vegas dancers.

Dinosaurs When I Was Kid: Gigantic, extinct lizards!
Dinosaurs Now: “See that thing tweeting over there? That’s a dinosaur. That’s right; they’re the most boring animals on the planet.”

Science is just best guesses based on available data, but I don’t think most people understand which science is a solid guess based on a lot of data and which is a wild-ass guess based on little data. Dinosaurs probably falls under the latter.

I think I’ve come up with it — a way to heal our partisan divide and bring everyone together as one nation.
But I’m going to keep it to myself because a few of you were rude to me online.

Concerns about voter fraud and concerns about measures against voter fraud disenfranchising voters are mainly just BS to anger different segments of voters.

It’s Rico!

Neither attacking nor supporting Trump is worth abandoning all your integrity for. He’s just a politician.

I read something by someone with different political views than me, and it made me kind of angry. Enough of that!

Killing is ugly.

In you live in the U.S., you’re already rich. Trying to get a billion dollars for doing nothing is just being greedy.

I really enjoy the new DuckTales. Fun show to watch with the kids.

We know the leaders of the Saudi Arabia are horrible—we’ve known that forever. Are we actually going to do something about it? Because I thought the answer to that has always been “no”.

You’re not screaming at politicians in restaurants because you just “care so much” or some other nonsense. You’re doing it because you’re an a-hole and you want some excuse to publicly be an a-hole where other horrible people might cheer you on.

Worst thing you could do to politicians would be to ignore them.

Antman & the Wasp was a… perfectly cromulent Marvel movie. Very enjoyable. Already forgotten most of it.
It was refreshing that it had comparably low stakes compared to other Marvel movies. Only a handful of lives were ever on the line.
My favorite characters were Luis, the sidekick (returning from previous), and Jimmy Woo, the well-meaning, dorky FBI agent that Scott Lang is constantly having to fool.
Anyway, hard to imagine it being anyone’s favorite Marvel movie but also hard to imagine anyone who wouldn’t enjoy it.

How did the ice planet Hoth have breathable oxygen? Where did that come from?

And why did Picard never use the replicator to make a toupée?

If you want more Senators, you could split up the big states.

What if FOX News was actually delivered by foxes wearing glasses and little suits? It would be adorable! You wouldn’t even care if they hated immigrants.

If I had one of those laser swords from Star Wars, I’d win every fight. If anyone challenged me, I’d immediately extend my laser sword. And while he’s distracted by that, I’d shoot him with my crossbow.
No, that’s not going to work. I just looked up crossbows on Amazon, and they’re way more expensive than I thought.

Know what would solve everything? Getting rid of our borders.
“I want to illegally cross the U.S. border. Point me to it.”
“I can’t. There is no border.”
“Zounds! Foiled!”

I get people saying “I’m voting for Beto because Ted Cruz is a weasel and killed dozens of people in the 60s” but for the people acting like Beto is something special to be excited about: Stop being gullible idiots.

I guess it’s a symptom of our increasingly divided politics that we have the ACLU and Amnesty International morphing from organizations of specific purposes to generic left wing orgs and we have the NRA turning into a generic right-wing org.

“Our hate can overcome their hate.” -partisan politics

I just realized the moon would be upside down in Australia. That would freak me out. I’m not going there.

I don’t get bird watching. If you stare at a bird for a long time and it doesn’t know you’re there, does it tap dance or something?

Trump: “I am a mammal.”
Hitler: “I am a mammal.”
Platypus: “I am a mammal.”
Wake up, people! Platypi are as bad as Trump.

Anytime someone makes an emotional appeal in an argument, that makes me think of those tone-deaf American Idol contestants. I never doubted the sincerity and intensity of their belief they were destined to be superstars, but none of that changed the reality of the situation.

Someone should come up with a succinct phrase that expresses how intensity of emotion has no relation to determining objective reality.

The problem with our election system is that one party or the other is going to take the result as an endorsement, which is a horrible message to send.

People have been yelling “Vote! Vote! Vote!” every single election since forever, but this is the year getting more people to pick between two crappy choices is finally going to fix everything.

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  1. If Twitter is banning people who are giving out misleading information about the election, are they going to ban anyone who says your vote matters?

    Only if they also say “Vote Republican”.


  2. Someone should come up with a succinct phrase that expresses how intensity of emotion has no relation to determining objective reality.

    The only thing the Universe cares less about than you is your emotions.


    • I read something back in the day that Patrick Stewart took a toupee to his audition, and they had him read lines both with and without it, and they felt he had more gravitas without it, so they went with him being bald in the show as a result of that.


  3. “And why did Picard never use the replicator to make a toupée?”

    The explanation I heard was, by Kirk’s era, we’d cured baldness.

    By Picard’s era, we’d cured vanity.

    Bald is Beautiful!


  4. I cannot accept a Rico that has hair. In my minds eye, he always looked more like a mashup of Vincent D’Onofrio in his role as Wilson Fisk and Jason Statham in his role as Frank Martin. Rico must be wearing Picard’s toupee in that image from the graphic novel.


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