Friday Night Open Thread

I love Weird Al.

[The YouTube]

Do you have something you’d like to share? A link? A joke? Some words of wisdom? A topic to discuss? It’s Friday Night Open Thread.

What’s on your mind?

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At Least, Before They Gain Political Power

Commenting on the Pittsburgh shootings, CNN’s Don Lemon said “I don’t see Democrats killing people because of political reasons“.

Yes, and that’s about the first time in 20 years where you’ve been able to say that.

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Easily Offended

[High Praise! to American Digest]

[The Fireman – DWECK] (Viewer #117,368)

Lots of censored swearing detracts some from an otherwise well-executed premise

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Link of the Day: Million Marxist March

[High Praise! to The Babylon Bee]

Caravan Of Liberal Americans Makes Way Toward Socialist Paradise Of Venezuela

[Think you have a link that’s IMAO-worthy? Send it to If I use your link, you will receive High Praise! (assuming you remember to put your name in the email)]

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Trump Truths: Apprentice

Although President Trump’s prior reality show “The Apprentice” had many flaws, crediting the apprentice’s success to midichlorians was not among them.

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Unforeseen Scenario

[High Praise! to The Daily Gouge]

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Straight Line of the Day: The One Use For Duct Tape People Don’t Know About…

Works like this: I feed you Moon Nukers a straight line, and you hit me with a punch line in the comments.

The one use for duct tape people don’t know about

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The Illustrated Frank J: Breaking the Only Arrow in Your Quiver


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Hillary Had a Good Line, So I’m Giving Her Credit

During a recent interview, Hillary was chatting with some liberal chick who said something about how Cory Booker said “if they go low, we kick them”. Hillary corrected her by pointing out that it was Eric Holder who said that. Hillary then slipped in the line “I know, they all look alike” causing the audience to both gasp in shock and laugh uproariously.

Some conservatives are all “can you imagine what liberals would say if Trump said that?“, but I don’t care about that.

I think Hillary’s line, its delivery, and its timing, were comedically beautiful.

Consider the setup: her interviewer had just confused Cory Booker and Eric Holder. Two black guys who look NOTHING alike. Instead of Hillary looking at her like she was an idiot for making such a stupid mistake and saying “How could you confuse those two? They look NOTHING alike! You’re an idiot!”, she accomplished the same thing indirectly (and less cruelly) by referencing a stereotype everyone in her audience was familiar with.

Which is pretty much the definition of a well-timed, unexpected, funny line.

Now, I don’t like Hillary Clinton one bit, but I also know how hard it is to come up with a good line on the spot. I think this qualifies.

I still hate her for everything else she’s ever done. Not this, though.

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