Thursday Night Open Thread

So, whatever happened to Tone Loc? I know. You’re saying “Who?” Well, for a little while, he was huge. Or a couple of his songs were. Then, nothing.

Well, I found out. He has those two really big hits, then ended up contributing to the soundtrack for a Jim Carry movie (Ace Ventura). Since then, nothing.

Such is life.

[The YouTube]

So, what’s on your mind? Got something you want to share? It’s Thursday Night Open Thread, and you pick the topic to discuss.

Who wants to start?

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Researchers have developed a supercomputer that closely mimics the human brain.

Only problem is they can’t get it to stop looking at its stupid phone.

[title reference link]

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Greatest Thing Since Self-Buttering Bread… and Why Hasn’t Anyone Invented THAT Yet?

[What if cracks in concrete could fix themselves? – Congrui Jin] (Viewer #258,609)

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Link of the Day: I Can’t Embed This, So I’m Gonna Make You Go Look

[Submitted by Anonymiss via Visual Capitalist (High Praise!)]

Animation: The World’s 10 Largest Economies by GDP (1960-Today)

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Trump Truths: Camps

Liberals are growing increasingly worried that President Trump might build re-education camps for people he doesn’t like. Ridiculous paranoia. Trump hasn’t even built a single wall yet.

Might drop a MOAB on them, though. That wouldn’t be paranoia so much as precedent.

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There Are a Few Provisos, a Couple of Quid Pro Quos…

[High Praise! to Freedom Is Just Another Word]

[title reference link]

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Straight Line of the Day: New Discovery! The Pyramids Were Actually Built Using…

Works like this: I feed you Moon Nukers a straight line, and you hit me with a punch line in the comments.

New discovery! The pyramids were actually built using

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The Illustrated Frank J: No Visible Flaws


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Hey! I’m Drivin’ Over Here!

Under a traffic safety pilot program in New York City, city vehicles, such as buses and cabs, will be able to “talk” to one another.

So… it that talk going to be words or just gestures?

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