Saturday Night Open Thread

Some artists only have one really big hit.

[The YouTube]

What’s been on your mind? Got something you’d like to share? A topic to discuss? It’s Saturday Night Open Thread.

Who wants to start?

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The Illustrated Frank J: We Have Ways of Making You Talk. Like Asking You Questions in a Room Full of People and Waiting for You to Answer


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Link of the Day: I’ve Only Offered the Moon. I Feel So Selfish

[High Praise! to The Babylon Bee]

Compassionate: This Democratic Representative Is So Opposed To Gun Violence That He’s Willing To Nuke The Entire Country To Stop It

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There Can Be Only One!

[Who Owns The Statue of Liberty? (New Jersey vs New York)] (Viewer #1,681,801)

I never even knew this was a thing.

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He’s in My Deadpool Every Year. I Can’t Be Wrong Forever

A new report shows that a person’s consciousness persists after death.

Cool! So when I dance on Jimmy Carter’s grave, he’ll be able to see it?

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Ocasio-Cortez with a Better Hat

[High Praise! to Freedom Is Just Another Word]

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