Tuesday Night Open Thread

Old songs are the best.

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What’s been on your mind? Got something you’d like to share? A topic to discuss? It’s Tuesday Night Open Thread.

Who wants to start?

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You Become What You Think About

Recent Google patent applications indicate that the company is developing smart-home products that are capable of eavesdropping on us throughout our home in order to learn more about us and better target us with advertising.

Hope the algorithm is up to snuff, or angry liberals are going to see nothing but ads for Trump merchandise.

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About As Exciting As You’d Expect for a Movie About a Textbook

[Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them Pitch Meeting] (Viewer #205,855)

Note: the review strays onto a crude topic because the movie does.

Full disclosure: everything Potterverse leaves me a little cold because all the characters are both flat and unlikable, but this movie I actively disliked, mostly for the reasons covered in the video.

Also, all the characters are flat and unlikable.

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Link of the Day: Some Jigsaw Puzzles Use the Exact Same Cutting Template. Mashup!

[High Praise! to Tim Klein]

Puzzle Montage Art by Tim Klein

[Think you have a link that’s IMAO-worthy? Send it to harvolson@gmail.com. If I use your link, you will receive High Praise! (assuming you remember to put your name in the email)]

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Trump Truths: RBG

Although President Trump does enjoy trolling the left, there is no truth to the rumor that he’s actually proposed replacing Ruth Bader Ginsburg with Ruth Bader Ginsburg just to see how CNN will oppose it.

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I Don’t Condone Vandalism, But Soviets Don’t Believe in Private Property, So I Think This One’s a Wash

[High Praise! to Earthly Mission]

“According to a report by the Moscow Times, pranksters in Bulgaria are repainting Soviet-era monuments so that Soviet military heroes look like American Superheroes”

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Straight Line of the Day: An Astrologer Predicts That, In 2019, President Trump…

Works like this: I feed you Moon Nukers a straight line, and you hit me with a punch line in the comments.

An astrologer predicts that, in 2019, President Trump

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The Illustrated Frank J: Flip-Flop


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Shotgun. Rocking Chair. Porch. Some Assembly Required

In a startling demographic shift, old people will soon outnumber children for the first time in history.

Poor kids. They won’t have a single blade of grass to stand on.

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