Wednesday Night Open Thread

You remember when a lot of people died in World of Warcraft? I didn’t remember, because I don’t do the gamer thing. But some of you do. And if you were curious about it, this might explain a bit.

Oh, and if you aren’t into games, you still might find it interesting. I did.

[The YouTube]

What’s been on your mind? Got something you’d like to share? A topic to discuss? It’s Wednesday Night Open Thread.

Who wants to start?

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Also, White Flags

There was rioting in Paris as police fired tear gas and used water cannons to disperse protesters who are angry over burdensome new taxes on gas and oil.

So violent… you’d think they were taxing striped shirts and arrogance.

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Yes, I Paid Money to See This in the Theater Back in the Day

[Honest Trailers – Rocky IV] (Viewer #901,919)

I’d completely forgotten about the robot.

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Link of the Day: 10 Perfect Reasons to Skip the Office Christmas Party

[High Praise! to Your Daily Dose of Vitamin Fred]

Against fun

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Trump Truths: Peace

President Trump insulted North Korea’s Kim Jong Un on Twitter until the commie dictator eventually surrendered his nuclear ambitions. To ensure world peace, Trump may need to start calling Eric Swalwell “Rocket Man”.

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Still Haven’t Seen Them Yet

[High Praise! to Freedom Is Just Another Word]

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Straight Line of the Day: Turns Out Google Is Spending Billions of Dollars on…

Works like this: I feed you Moon Nukers a straight line, and you hit me with a punch line in the comments.

Turns out Google is spending billions of dollars on…

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The Illustrated Frank J: Basic Sesame Street Concept. Not Sure Why They Struggle With It


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Random Thoughts: Disney, Solar Cells, and Climate Change

When people are freaking out about Trump, the question always is is this a new awful thing he’s doing, or is this an old awful thing that people used to ignore but are now making a fuss because it’s Trump who is doing it?

I’d rather keep Trump than go back to an Obama and ignore these things again.

We never have political arguments at Thanksgiving. Everyone just listens and nods as I explain politics to them.

Trump makes it harder to pretend our government isn’t stupid.

Why are all the people with all the correct political views they need to impart on to others such horrible, angry people? Seems better to have bad political views and be nice and happy.

I never realized how useful the dog was in cleaning up under the table where the kids sit.

I’ve yet to watch one of these Disney live-action remakes. There’s something so craven about them.

“Here’s my new invention. I call it the solar cell. It can convert light to electricity.”
“Wow! This is revolutionary! There must be countless applications for this!”
“I’m thinking mainly cheap calculators.”
“There must be more things than that.”
“Nah. Not really.”

When they gave out the Nobel Prize in physics for the theory of relativity, how did they not make that not sound sarcastic?
“Good going, Einstein!”

I don’t trust your outrage.

The male/female distinction was invented by religious extremists in the 1950s.

I talked to the 300 scientists who wrote that climate change report, and they’re all idiots. Every single one. One even said that The Last Jedi was his favorite Star Wars movie.

I had to stop going to hipster coffee shops because I got sick and tired of hearing people talk about how great President Trump is. I really don’t care for him.

I’m not worried about climate change because if it really is a problem we’ll come up with some new technology like giant robots that fight each other. I mean, that won’t solve climate change but it will give us something else to worry about.

I got a sound sensor to wire up to an Arduio. I’m going to build a device to warn my 5yo son when he’s being too loud.

Twitter would never ban me because denying people my awesome tweets would be cruel and unusual punishment under the Geneva Convention.

Got a USPS package update yesterday of “Carrier is unable to gain access to front door to deliver the package.” Is that just code for them deciding to not even bother driving to my house?

If you keep encouraging Disney, next they’ll do cartoon versions of the live action versions of their cartoons.

When the ruling class gets insecure in their beliefs, they try to silence dissent hoping to be confronted less with that insecurity.

I don’t like this Beto stuff. Maybe the left have trained me too well, but I find people getting overly excited about a bland, privileged white guy really creepy.

Judge people’s character not by their high ideals of how to treat humanity in general but by how they treat actual, specific people.

I’ve never seen Idiocracy, but I feel like I get the gist of it.

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Leading Cause of Death

In New Zealand, 145 pilot whales were found dead on the beach after a mass stranding.

Unbelievable! They ALL had dirt on Hillary Clinton?

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