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Now becoming a thing: robot reporters.

Sound like a good idea, as long as they obey the 4th law: “give back microphone when told

Tangentially related, kudos to the White House for tweeting out a “fake” video of Acosta abusing an intern, because now every liberal site in the world is showing side-by-side comparisons of two videos both showing Acosta karate-chopping a twenty-year-old girl’s arm, along with the classic abuser’s defense “he didn’t hit her THAT hard”.

No bruise, no foul? Is that the new standard? Are they SURE that’s the lesson here?

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  1. “So, what’s your beat? You City Desk, Crime, Sports . . . ?”

    “I am Fea-Ture. Take me to the Kirk.” (Naturally, it gets names wrong, because of mimickry.)

    “Whoa, what you got there, pally? A probe? Put it away.”

    “There will be no retraction.”


  2. The cause of the incident was either Donald Trump or Global Warming, the robot reporter said, citing autonomous sources.

    Probably has a POSitronic brain.

    “The facts of this story are cut and droid.”



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