I Don’t Condone Vandalism, But Soviets Don’t Believe in Private Property, So I Think This One’s a Wash

[High Praise! to Earthly Mission]

“According to a report by the Moscow Times, pranksters in Bulgaria are repainting Soviet-era monuments so that Soviet military heroes look like American Superheroes”

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  1. I’m embarrassed that I don’t recognize the all-yellow one in front (not Wolverine; the embedded picture crops out the soldier in front & the soldier in back).

    Maybe the vandals did that one before they settled on a pop-culture theme.


  2. I haven’t clicked the link, but the story is old even if the link isn’t.
    I blogged about it 5 or 10 years ago. It wasn’t vandals in all cases, it was often officially sanctioned by local governments who didn’t want to spend money tearing down monuments to their counties’ oppressors.
    Since I’m being a jerk, I would also say that unless you’re on the British Isles, going to McDonald’s overseas is one of the reasons Americans embarrass me when I’m traveling.
    I saw a Pizza Hut in Florence but my friends kept me from smacking the Americans walking out of it. That still rankles.
    That’s not to say Ronald isn’t a hero for providing edible food in London and Edinburgh, but going to one in Italy is a crime against humanity.


  3. I can’t find the link, the monument was originally repainted in September, 2011. I’m not sure when I saw an article about it, but it talked about how the Russians were all peeved about former Warsaw Pact gov’ts allowing their monuments to be painted into something ridiculous.

    I looked through links in late 2011 but it didn’t turn up, the search showed when I re-used the picture to illustrate that people should have looked to former Soviet empire countries to redo monuments to different Democratic heroes when people were tearing down Confederate statues.

    I figured it worked for the monuments to Democratic heroes in Bulgaria why not do it for former Democratic heroes in Baltimore and South Carolina?



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