Monday Night Open Thread

When I went to Egypt several years ago, I had the opportunity to go inside the Great Pyramid. I wrote about it on my little blog back in 2006:

… When we got to the top, it was pitch black. I didn’t have a light, but some were coming behind me. I stood up and felt along the wall on my left. I slowly inched along, feeling the wall and shuffling along the floor. Still dark. After several tentative steps, I grew a little bolder, taking larger steps and moving further. Others came in, some with chem-lights. They stood back waiting for their eyes to get adjusted to the dark. I continued moving along, then felt the edge of the wall. Instead of reaching an inside corner, I had reached an outside corner. The wall on my left angled 90 degrees to the left. So I felt around the corner and stepped onto … nothing.

The ground wasn’t there! I had already committed to the step and couldn’t stop. I was in an Ancient Egyptian Pyramid, it was dark, and the floor had disappeared. Every trap that Indiana Jones had ever encountered came to my mind. I was going to fall into a grave-robbers trap and never see anyone again. …

Spoiler: I survived.

What reminded me of this? Well, I saw a video about ancient booby traps.

[The YouTube]

Do you have something you’d like to share? A link? A joke? Some words of wisdom? A topic to discuss? It’s Monday Night Open Thread.

What’s on your mind?

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  1. As Basil’s legs bicycled over the yawning chasm, his dog with chattering teeth began poking him in the ribs and pointing at an advancing mummy with trailing bandage wraps. The dog jumped into his arms and they hugged each other in mid-air. Tune in next week for the conclusion!



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